Welcome to *drumroll* PoptropicaZone

Hi I’m Smart Runner you’ve seen me commenting at Super Thunder’s Blog and chatting on The PHC.

I joined Poptropica at April 2012 and so far I’ve completed 6islands ( I know I know I’m weak) I’m a athlete and a drawer.I love writing and playing basketball. I’m a runner and people say that I’m smart so at da! Smart Runner was born.My poptropicanwasn’t born on Reality TV island.I just made this blog and would love all of you to join just give me your email that you used to join WordPress if you have a account.

Ciao For Now,

Smart Runner



5 thoughts on “Welcome to *drumroll* PoptropicaZone

  1. Yo need a walkthrough person? I completed all islands except for Twisted Thicket and Poptropolis games. I am a non member.

  2. Can I be on your blog? I ❤ Poptropica and I also have a blog of my own , which I do fashion walkthroughs and go in multiplayer rooms and take pictures of people that look cute,and post it own my blog

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