Early Poptropica

NOTE:This is an easy island so don’t blame me this is for the newbies.

*Arrive at  Early Poptropica Island*

Go to the right until you see a old like town like Plymouth.

Hahahah I’m rocking out in Old Poptropica

Speak to the pilgrim guy near the pen,well,and the flag post they will tell you some thieves stole three of their prized things a piggy,flag,and water bucket.

Go to the well and reach the top left (there are levers)and you see a glow stick like this

You go back. Now,run to main street and run to  the left and you run till you see this hole.

Now go down.

Go left,go right until you see the second rope go down and right and go down and go left and you see a getting warmer sign you see the egg grab it and go.

go to the bottom and go right.

go right and avoid the spider (creepy!) grab the piggy and go up until you exit the hole. You will appear on Main Street go left again and go to the buildings go on the windows and reach the building until you see this

Note:You may have to jump building to building but the vine is on the blue building

Now go up! You see a giant click on him and you give him the golden egg he will let you pass through his scary looking club.

go right and past the fruits you see the bucket get it!

You will have to go past the rockets and you see a jet pack.

Go back to the fruit place and go to the vine zoom past it

and land on the garden shovel go through the exit and  you

will hand on the water tower on Main Street get the flag and get

the cheese to Old Poptropica give the stuff to the owners and meet

a guy on a boat he will give you 50 credits and a medal!




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