HR Adventures, Part 1 (Post Version)

Happy Rider: Brr….. It is freezing! I need to go to a beach or somewhere hot!

Bronze Starfish: we could go to Miami on GS island….. We could go to the beachy part of Poisdon’s Realm… We should go somewhere like that!

Wild Seagull: Lets go to Miami.

All: Ok!

Massive Singer: Well thats better!

Smart Runner: Lets get our bathing suits on and go surfing!

All: Yay!

*all go surfing*

White Wolf: That was fun!

Quick Sponge: Now what?

Fierce Star: Um… What is that?

Happy Rider: what is what?

Fierce Star: that white thing….

Golden Fire: It looks like…. white wings….

Smart Runner: White wings?

Golden Fire: yes…

The Rest of it coming soon…..

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Do you NEED to know about me? No. But if you want to.... SORRY! I'm not telling about me cause i'm lazy .-. I don't wanna type anymorez. Poptropica 4evrz yo.... I just wish some1 could type 4 me xD. I wanna be a movieeee starr!!!!! So i can get,do,or anything else i wanteee! WHY AM I TYPING STILLZ! Eh,just 1 more thing.... Status: I'm just hangin on DD and typing.... Mood: Bored So byez cause i'm lazy .-. But i may finsh dis later.... so BYE ALREADY! :P :D

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