Love Triangle Episode One Cowboy Boots

SR:Let’s roll People *waves to cast member*

*Curtain rolls*

Alyssa walks off the train and rushes into her best friend Ashley’s arms.

“Alyss! You are here.” shrieked Ashley tightly hugging Alyssa.

“I’m here and alive.”said Alyssa giggling.

“Shall we go to the saloon?”asked Ashley.

“We shall.”

*At Saloon*

“Oh My Cowboy I’ve missed you bestie life at the farm is not complete without you!”said Ashley.

Just as Alyssa was about to reply she tripped on some mans boots.

But, a man with shaggy brown hair caught her and lifted her on a seat.

“Are you okay by the way my name is Jake.”said the guy looking her eyes.

“My…name is Alyssa.” she said.

“JAKIE POO!” screamed a girl with big black bangs with short black hair.

“Meena! Meet Alyssa.”said Jake,

“Would you care to join us at the ball?”asked Meena glaring at her.

“Uh…”Alyssa was left touguetighted.



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