SR, I was on and you were there with BS. I had you on my xat friends list. and then someone named nookumboo cussed! THAT WAS YOU! Nookumboo was on my xat list! you cussed about yourself! O_O 😯 😮

UPDATE: I found out that it was SR’s cousin


8 thoughts on “SR, EXPLAIN THIS!

  1. YEAH I WAS THERE, And when you scroll up I was talking to you and it said “NookumBoo” after you logged off!!! D:< SR EXPLAIN PLEASE, ME AND FS , AND SD (WHEN SHE CAME) were creeped.

  2. Ok OK ok! i told SR about this and she said that it was her cousin. SR also said that her cousin likes to cuss. problem solved! but im still watching the chats 😯 and that doesnt mean i am a stalker. 😮

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