About The PZ Members

This page is for the viewers to learn about our very own authors!

Smart Runner:The sporty girl who has the writing skills, Our one and only, Smart Runner. 
Hey,I’m Smart Runner you can call me Smartie or SR.
I am 13 as of April 2 2011,I joined Poptropica about the time of my birthday this year (2012). I comment regularly at Super Thunder’s blog. I love the color purple and my face animal is a horse.My favorite is Mystery Train Island.
Happy Rider: Well, I love Poptropica and all my friends, i am 8 years old, My fav island is Reality T.V. like BS, well, for the rest just look at my profile. And also, I started playing Poptropica in June (2011) or when Shrink Ray was coming out for the mems. I became a mem in December 31, 2011 or Christmas Eve. My membership is due on June 24, 2012. I have lots of BFFs. 😀 And also I ❤ Poptropica a lot. My users are smoothiefairy and 1stdayof2012. and one more thing. I ❤ CANDY!!!!!!!!1 😛
Bronze Starfish: Trying not to make this long.. So, my name is Bronze Starfish, or BS .. I’m 11 years old, my fave colors are Purple, and Sky Blue!! I love Reality T.V. Island, its fun.. But Early Poptropica is easy. 🙂 I ❤ Dogs, soo cute. Also, pandas/koalas.. And dolphins! Yay, I think that’s it. (It was pretty long)

Fierce Star:TBFI

Golden Fire:TBFi

White Wolf:TBFI

Mighty Star: My name is Mighty star. i like music and reading. i HATE school. my fav colors are purple and blood red. my fav food… idk. i have a the 6th sense. I can think of a story anytime. my best skill you ask? drawing. Fav island? Ghost Story. Fav animal? Cats. my fav blog? hmm…. STB XD. lulz. whats weird is that i have this tune Meg sang from LND o.O. hmm i think that is PEACE! 😀


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